Permanently remove stubborn fat cells.

Living Proof MDDo you exercise regularly and strive to achieve your ideal, contoured physique? Perhaps you have worked long and hard to shed excess pounds and earn the shape you’ve always desired. Many of us become frustrated when we’ve strived to achieve our fitness goals only to have stubborn pockets of fat that stay behind no matter how many miles we run, or crunches we do. At Living Proof MD we are proud to offer you an innovative solution to ridding yourself of those shape spoiling fat bulges. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure. This advanced technology works by permanently removing areas of stubborn fat cells without the use of needles or painful surgical procedures. It requires no changes in your normal daily routine, and it does not require any special dietary or exercise regimens to be successful.

CoolSculpting helps men and women of all ages sculpt their most persistent fat bulges into smooth, sleek contours. Some common areas that we target during treatments are “love handles,” “double chin,” and “muffin tops,” but there are many applications possible. The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is at or within 20 – 30 pounds of their ideal weight, but if you’re confident as a full figured gal, and you’d just like to feel more comfortable wearing a sleek summer tank, CoolSculpting will work for you too! You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast for it to be right for you.

Living Proof MDHow can this work? Here’s a brief explanation: each CoolSculpting treatment results in an average 22% reduction of fat in the targeted area. The procedure freezes the fat beneath the skin without freezing the skin. Your body does the rest by sending immune cells to the site to remove the fat cells as they die off from the freezing process. The results are gradual and natural appearing, beginning around four to six weeks and reaching peak results by three months.

Contact Living Proof MD today to find out more about our CoolSculpting procedures or to schedule a consultation. Every body is different, so we can only tell you what treatment plan will work best for you if you come in and talk to us about what areas of fat you would like to see permanently removed from your body. We look forward to helping you achieve the sculpted body that you deserve.

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